President’s Message

A Message from the President

The goal of the Washington, DC Historically Black Colleges & Universities Alumni Alliance, Inc. (DCHBCUAA) is to continue to have our HBCUs thrive during these current times. Politics and financial discussions should not mask the true conversations and contributions of HBCUs. “Black colleges have served as important educational, cultural and social centers in the black community. The strongest and most obvious impact HBCUs make on the black community is seen through its graduates. It is for these reasons that thousands of HBCU alumni feel especially endeared and indeed indebted to their Alma maters.”

The DCHBCUAA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization to promote HBCU alumni chapters in the Washington, DC metro area. The primary purpose of the DCHBCUAA is to establish a way for all HBCUs Alumni Chapters in the Washington, DC Metro Area to engage and reclaim alumni of HBCUs institutions, jointly participate in social activities as one unit, and collaborate to raise scholarship funds for all participating DCHBCUAA’s alumni chapters in the Washington, DC metro area. Since we have been incorporated, our organization has expanded beyond our expectations. The DCHBCUAA has grown to encompass over 50 HBCU Alumni Chapters.

The DCHBCUAA will continue to work to support our colleges, universities and communities. We have adopted three major initiatives to follow our mission and affect our community. We will continue use our influence to 1) Develop Healthy Communities, 2) Fight Hunger in our Community and 3) Support Higher Education for students. We have hosted successful fundraisers such as our DC Metro HBCU Alumni Alliance Health and Wellness 5K Run/2K Walk HBCU Day. Our membership has supported the Food 2 Feed Food Drive and Capital Area Food Bank. Our volunteers continue to have a presence at community events such as college fairs and financial workshops.

We invite your alumni chapter and alumni members to take part in this movement to help highlight the wonderful educational and personal experience that HBCUs offer. As we move this organization forward, we hope that every alumni of an HBCU would get involved with their chapter and make a difference by giving back to your institution. The DCHBCUAA will continue to necessitate the support of your alumni and supporters. Take pride in what you have accomplished personally and professionally by attending an HBCU event and take a moment to acknowledge what other alums have done to help you along the way.


Please check our website for information and as always, you can contact the Executive Board with your questions, concerns, and ideas. We look forward to continuing to support alumni chapters, students, alumni and our community.